June 10th

Family & friends, hot homemade bbq, cold drinks - what more do you need for a perfect way to kick off the weekend?


June 11th

A unity ceremony, an evening of food, music, and wine, and a celebration of love from day to night.


June 12th

The weekend is almost over, but perhaps the "Build Your Best Bloody Mary" bar will help you forget for a little while longer.

Gerry & Kate

A weekend of fun in the sun!

The Plan

It may only be a weekend, but we're planning on jamming in as much fun as possible!


House Peoples

Come and get settled at the house - explore, hang out, do chores (kidding) or grab a quick dip in the pool before the evening festivities.

Or, if you're really lucky, get sucked into prepping food or drink for the evening (it takes a village!).

Hotel Peoples

A huge thank you to Betty & Frank, who have generously booked all the hotel rooms at the Hampton Inn under their diamond status (yay perks!).

Settle in at the hotel and then come to the house! We’ll fire up the grill around 5PM, but feel free to come earlier.


We Have the Meats

There will be a selection of snacks, dips, and appetizers rolling throughout the night. We’ll also have chicken legs/wings & pulled pork with all the sides and fixings you could want, Southern BBQ style.

BBQ Needs Beer

Gerry already has 4 gallons of beer (a lager and a stout) home brewing for just this occasion, plus some old and new favorite brewskies. Sad truth... they are all favorites.

Cocktails Abound

With three signature cocktails (two alcoholic, one non-alcoholic), you’ll have no shortage of tasty options for the night.

Mingling & Munching

Hang out around the pool, pick up a game of darts, and generally just enjoy the night. Feel free to stay and party as long as you like!

Saturday Morning


There will be an assortment of brunch items at the house you can have at your convenience (including homemade breakfast burritos you just need to warm, oatmeal, fresh fruit, etc.) as well as coffee, juice, tea, soda, etc.

Alternate Activity Suggestions

Wekiwa Springs State Park is a huge state park 30 mins from the house. It has great hiking trails and a year-round 72 degree natural spring. Lakeridge Winery is 10 minutes from the house. Starting at 10AM, they have tours/tastings and (because it's their 26th annual harvest festival) local artists, crafters, live blues music, etc.

Salon Group

If you are interested in having your hair and/or make-up done professionally on Saturday, please email us ASAP.

Enjoy the house!

The house in Clermont will be open to everyone 24/7.
Feel free to use the game rooms, PS4 for some silliness, the pool, etc. at any time, whether you are staying at the house or hotel.

Saturday Evening

We Do!

We’ll have a short and sweet ceremony at around 3PM at the house. This will be followed by some professional photos for the whole group (and some smaller combos). Yes, we'll send copies to everyone!


Our biggest concern is that everyone is comfortable and able to really enjoy themselves. The event and party will be outdoors, and it will be hot and humid! For the fellas, a suit is fine, but plan for taking that jacket off! For the ladies, dress cool and comfortable (long or short dress is fine), but please bring comfortable shoes as we’ll be on the lawn.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

We’ll have a cocktail hour, buffet dinner, and dessert by an amazing local caterer. We will not have formal seating, though there will be tables and chairs enough for all. Just plan to enjoy and relax altogether as a family.

After Party

At approx. 9PM, we’ll move the party inside the house, to relax and continue to revel in married bliss. For the night owls, there will be a sweet late night snack (leftovers of which will be available at the Sunday brunch for those that miss it).



While the time may change depending on how late the party goes on Saturday, we’ll have a rolling breakfast buffet at the house from approx. 11AM - 2PM. This will include a “Make Your Best Bloody Mary” bar and coffees/juices/teas.

We Love You!

While it will be sad to be over, we so appreciate all of you being a part of this weekend. We know how much of a hassle it is for you all to get to Florida, but having a weekend surrounding by our family is so touching for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We Have Some Amazing Eats Planned

Bring your appetite as for a few days calories don't count.

The Place

Check out some pictures of the house!

Pool & Lounge

This is where we'll likely spend the majority of time - certainly Friday night for our BBQ! Make sure to pack your bathing suit!

A Relaxing Weekend

There are quieter places in the house if you need some downtime. Or if the mood strikes and you need a nap, we have plenty of space (even if you're staying at the hotel).

Game Room

Pick up a game of pool or darts anytime, or take the horseshoes or bocce sets to play outside. Just beware of the bocce ball bandit... long story.

Comfy and Private

For those staying on-site, you'll have your own bedroom. And with 6.5 bathrooms, you won't have to worry about getting ready whenever you want.


We want everyone to have fun without worrying about driving. There are several taxi companies nearby, as well as uber. If you prefer you drive yourself, there’s plenty of parking space at the house.

Special Requests or Concerns?

If you have any requests or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! Allergies, dietary restrictions, drink preferences, etc. are no problem - just please let us know ahead of time.

Any Questions?

We've tried to give you a good snapshot of the weekend here, but please let us know what we missed! Call, email, or text us with any questions you may have.

We'll add more details to this site as we firm everything up.